How to use pivot calculator

Pivot Points are support and resistance levels that are calculated using the open, high, low, and close, from the previous trading day. Standard pivot points include the pivot point itself, three full support levels, and three full resistance levels.

Important points while trading using Pivots are Pivot Level,R1 and S1.

How to Trade Using Pivots ?

Before the start the trading, calculate the pivot levels for a particular stock/Index according the EOD.

Calculate the Pivot after the opening range (first 15-30 min. to one hour), if price is above/below the Pivot, Price Action will strongly tend to remain above/below the Pivot for the session.

If the market opens, or later trades at the extremes (R2, R3 or S2, S3), it will exhibit a tendency to trade back toward the Pivot. The general rule, ‘Avoid buying the High or selling the Low’, becomes increasingly more stringent as price moves farther from the Pivot.