How to use

How to use Gann Software for Day trading ?

Gann calculator is meant only for intraday trading.

Gann Day Trading Calculator can be used for finding Buy and Sell Levels of Stocks, Options, Futures and Commodities for Intra day trading.

Gann Software for daytrading is meant only for disciplined traders.

Only traders who can make timely decision can use it.

Traders who are not willing to book loss need not use it.

When levels are maintained for long time, quit the trade.

Select only stocks with high volume and sharp movements.

Timing is more important. Begin the trade 15 minutes after the market opens for regular trade. Square off your positions at least 5 minutes before the market closes.

To do intraday trading using this calculator, enter the LAST TRADED PRICE of the previous day and Click CALCULATE button.

Professional traders can initiate trade even during the market hours when new levels are crossed or breached.

Investment in Stock and Commodity Market is subject to market risk, please make trade with own decision.